Kebab shops near me

For those of you in the United Kingdom who are looking for delicious kebab shops nearby, here is a list of some of the best kebab places across the country.

kebab shops near me

In London, you can find Kebab Kitchen at Soho or BBQ Kebab Paradise in Wandsworth. Other popular chains include Café Istanbul in Camden, Green Kebab House in Aldgate and Shish Delight in Clapham.

In Birmingham, try out Istanbul Kebab & Pizza for a delicious combination of Turkish flavours. Another reliable spot is Baran Kebab Centre near the Bullring shopping centre.

If you’re in Liverpool, then check out Sultan’s Kebab House for tasty kebabs and doner sandwiches. The Turkish Grill in Speke is also a great option to satisfy your cravings.

Heading north? Why not try the popular Naaz Kebab House in Glasgow or The Kebab Factory on Edinburgh’s Southside?

Finally, for those in Cardiff, Yali’s Kebab House is the place to go for delicious kebabs and falafel. Alternatively, head to The Kebab Centre on City Road for a guaranteed tasty meal.

Who makes the best kebabs in the world? That’s up to you to decide! Enjoy exploring the different flavours each place has to offer. Bon appetit!

Why are there so many kebab shops in the UK?

The popularity of kebab shops in the UK can be attributed to its large Turkish and Middle Eastern community, who have brought their own traditional recipes with them. Kebabs provide an easy and tasty meal that is popular with many people, particularly younger generations. In addition, the rise of “fast food” restaurants has created a demand for quick, convenient meals that can be eaten on the go. Kebab shops are able to provide this in a more traditional and flavourful way than other options such as burgers and chips. As a result, kebab shops have been growing in popularity across the UK in recent years.


If you have any questions about kebab shops near you, feel free to let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help!

Do all kebab shops serve the same food?

No – each kebab shop will have its own unique menu that reflects its culture and traditions. For example, some will serve traditional Turkish kebabs, while others may offer fusion dishes with flavours from around the world. Additionally, some shops will focus on certain types of food such as doner kebabs or vegetarian options. So make sure to check out the menu before you order!

Are all kebab shops halal?

That depends on the individual shop – some may be fully halal, while others may serve alcohol or have non-halal ingredients in their food. It’s best to check with the restaurant first if you’re unsure.

Are kebab shops expensive?

No – most kebab shops offer reasonably priced meals that are great value for money. You can usually get a meal deal with a drink and side for around £5-10, depending on the shop.

Are kebab shops open late?

Yes – many kebab shops are open late into the night, so it’s easy to satisfy your cravings after a night out! However, make sure to check the opening times of your local kebab shop first before you go.

We hope this has answered some of your kebab-related queries! Enjoy exploring the different flavours on offer at the wonderful kebab shops across the UK. Bon appetit!

What does a kebab shop sell?

Kebab shops usually sell a variety of different dishes, including doner kebabs, shish kebabs, falafel and other Middle Eastern-inspired foods. Most places also offer vegetarian options such as halloumi or falafel wraps. In addition to the savoury dishes, you may also find snacks such as samosas, side dishes such as pitta bread or fried chips and drinks to accompany your meal. Many kebab shops also serve desserts such as baklava or ice cream.

Do all kebab shops use the same type of meat?

No – different types of meat are used in different places. For example, many Turkish kebab shops use lamb or beef for their doner kebabs and chicken for their shish kebabs. Other places may have vegetarian options such as falafel and halloumi, while some will also use fish in their dishes. So make sure to check with the shop before you order!

Can you order kebabs to take away?

Yes – most kebab shops offer the option to take away your meal. This is a great way to enjoy your favourite food from the comfort of your own home! Just make sure to check if there’s a minimum spend for delivery or collection before you order.

Are kebab shops family-friendly?

Yes – many kebab shops offer a range of different dishes to suit all tastes, making them perfect for families. The atmosphere in most places is usually relaxed and welcoming too, so you can bring your kids along without worrying about disturbing other customers. Just make sure to check the opening times and age restrictions of your local kebab shop before you visit.

We hope this has been helpful in understanding the world of kebab shops! Enjoy exploring the different flavours and cuisines offered across the UK. Bon appetit!

Are there any health benefits to eating kebabs?

Yes – while they can be high in fat, many kebab shop dishes contain ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. For example, doner kebabs are usually made with lamb or beef which is a good source of iron and protein, while falafel and halloumi provide essential fibre. Additionally, many kebab shops offer a range of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce which all contribute to a balanced diet. So enjoy the delicious flavours on offer at your local kebab shop – just make sure to keep an eye on your portion sizes!

What is a kebab in the UK?

A kebab is a Turkish dish made with pieces of meat or vegetables cooked on a skewer and served in pitta bread or wraps. It originated in the Middle East but has since become popular across the world, particularly in the UK where it’s often sold as a late-night snack. Kebabs at kebab shops usually come with a variety of sauces and salad, making them a popular choice for those looking for something quick and tasty. Enjoy exploring the different flavours of kebabs at your local shop!

Are kebab shops vegan-friendly?

Yes – most kebab shops offer vegetarian options such as falafel or halloumi that are suitable for vegans. Make sure to ask the staff about vegan-friendly options when you visit as they may be able to make adjustments to dishes or provide alternative ingredients. Enjoy exploring the delicious vegan-friendly flavours on offer at your local kebab shop!

Do all kebab shops offer delivery?

No – not all kebab shops offer delivery, so it’s best to check with the shop before you order. Some places may require a minimum spend for delivery and some may only deliver within a certain radius of the shop. So make sure to ask about the delivery options before ordering. Enjoy your delicious kebab meal at home or in the shop – the choice is yours!

Are kebab dishes usually spicy?

No – not all kebab dishes are spicy. Many places offer a range of mild and medium options as well as spicy ones, so you can choose one to suit your taste. You can also ask for extra chilli or hot sauce if you like your food with a kick! Enjoy exploring the different flavours on offer at your local kebab shop.

Do kebab shops serve alcohol?

No – most kebab shops do not serve alcohol, so make sure to check before you visit. Some may also have age restrictions in place, so be sure to check that you meet the requirements before entering. Enjoy your kebab meal without any risk of overindulging!

Do kebab shops offer takeaways?

Yes – many kebab shops offer takeaways so you can enjoy your meal from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to check for

No matter where you are in the UK, there’s a kebab shop near you just waiting to be sampled! Enjoy!

any special offers or discounts that may be available when you order. Enjoy exploring the delicious flavours of kebab takeaways!