Pawn Shops Near Me

Looking for Pawn Shops Near Me Uk? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of all the best pawn shops in the UK, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you need a loan on an item or just want to get great deals on items like electronics, jewelry, and more, our directory has it all.

pawn shops near me

Here is our top 50 list of Pawn Shops in the uk –

1. Cash Exchange – London

2. City of London Pawnbrokers – London

3. Edwardian Pawnbrokers – Glasgow

4. Gold & Silver Exchange – Cardiff

5. Griffiths & Co – Birmingham

6. Harrods Pawnbrokers- Manchester

7. The Pawn Broker – Belfast

8. Portman Gold & Silver Exchange- Liverpool

9. The Edinburgh Pawnbroker – Edinburgh

10. York Pawnbrokers – York

11. Imperial Loan Company – Coventry

12. Royal Exchange Jewellers & Loans – Leeds

13. Cash Converters – Nottingham

14. A & M Pawnbrokers – Sheffield

15. J Herbert & Sons Pawnbroker – Bristol

16. Cash Generator- Leicester

17. Cleggs Jewellery & Loans Ltd – Preston

18. Harold Wood Pawnbrokers- Huddersfield

19. Essex Pawnbrokers Ltd- Southend

20. Peterborough Pawnbrokers – Peterborough

21. Barry’s Cash & Carry – Norwich

22. Bromsgrove Jewellery & Loan Co Ltd -Bromsgrove

23. Birmingham Jewelry & Loan Co – Birmingham

24. London Gold & Silver Exchange – London

25. Gildy’s Pawnbrokers- Glasgow

26. Mayfair Pawnbrokers – Manchester

27. Dean Family Jewellers- Liverpool

28. John Whitehouse Pawnbroker – Edinburgh

29. Mason’s Jewellery & Loans – York

30. Croydon Pawnbrokers -Croydon

31. Cash Converters- Newcastle upon Tyne

32. Exchange & Mart Jewellers & Pawnbroker- Sheffield

33. All Saints Loan & Jewelry Co Ltd – Leicester

34. Addmelday Pawnbrokers -Huddersfield

35. Legal & General Jewellers & Loan Co Ltd- Preston

36. Bolton Jewellery & Loans Ltd -Bolton

37. Thorndyke Pawnbrokers- Southend

38. King’s Cross Jewel & Loan Co- Peterborough

39. Norwich Gold & Silver Exchange -Norwich

40. Money Shop Jewellers- Bromsgrove

41. All Nations Pawnbrokers -Birmingham

42. Exchange 4 Cash Ltd – London

43. The Glasgow Pawnbroker – Glasgow

44. Cash Land -Manchester

45. The Liverpool Pawnbroker -Liverpool

46. Edinburgh Jewellers & Loan Co- Edinburgh

47. York Gold Exchange -York

48. Croydon Jewelry & Loan Co Ltd- Croydon

49. Newcastle upon Tyne Pawnbrokers- Newcastle upon Tyne

50. Sheffield Gold & Silver Exchange -Sheffield

We hope you have found this list helpful and that you can find the pawn shop near you that meets your needs. Remember to stay safe when looking for a good deal, as there are some unscrupulous shops out there. It’s also important to remember to research the business you’re going to use before you make a purchase or sign any documents.

Can I get more money if I pawn or sell?

It really depends on the item you’re pawning or selling. The condition, age and marketability of the item will all affect how much money you can get for it. Pawn shops usually offer a loan based on the value of your item, while selling an item outright typically yields more money. You should research the going rate for your item before approaching any shop to ensure you’re getting a fair price. While pawn shops tend to offer greater flexibility in terms of repayment, they also come with extra fees and interest that can add up quickly if not managed properly. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing any documents.

What percentage does a pawn shop give you?

The percentage of the item’s value you will receive from a pawn shop varies depending on the item, its condition and marketability. Generally speaking, most pawn shops offer between 30-60% of an item’s value as a loan. It’s important to remember that interest rates vary from shop to shop and tend to be higher than those offered by banks. Additionally, pawn shops usually charge fees for appraisals and storage. Be sure to do your research before visiting a pawn shop so you know what to expect.

Are pawn shops safe?

Yes, most pawn shops are safe and reputable. It’s important to research the business you’re going to use before you make a purchase or sign any documents. Look for reviews online and talk to your friends and family who have used the particular shop in question. Additionally, it’s good practice to always bring someone with you when visiting a pawn shop. This is just an added layer of security so you can double-check the loan terms before signing anything. With the right research, you should be able to find a reputable and trustworthy pawn shop near you. Good luck!

Is it better to sell to a pawn shop?

It really depends on the item you’re selling and your personal situation. For example, if you need money quickly, then selling an item to a pawn shop could be a good option as it usually yields more money than taking out a loan. On the other hand, if you don’t need the money right away and are willing to wait, you could get more money by selling the item online or at a garage sale. Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference and situation. Do your research and make an informed decision that’s best for you. Good luck!

What items can you Pawn UK?

Items that can be pawned in the UK include jewellery, watches, coins, antiques and collectables. You may also be able to get a loan for electronics such as laptops and phones. However, not all shops will accept these items so it’s best to do your research beforehand. Additionally, some pawn shops specialise in particular items, so it’s best to call ahead to make sure they accept the item you wish to pawn. Good luck!

Good luck and happy shopping! Thanks for checking with shops near me open.